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Casimiro de Abreu

The name given to this city is a tribute to one of the leading names of Brazilian Romanticism, poet José Marques Casimiro de Abreu, who had his memory preserved through the creation of a museum dedicated to his history.

Among the main attractions are two rivers that cross the city. Rio Macaé (Macaé River), with its 4 km, is interrupted thanks to the local rapids, where rafting is also common. The main one of those is the Cascata (Waterfall) rapids, over 25 m high and a good inclination for rappelling. The other river is São João (Saint John), which has navigable parts and beaches, such as Praia Grande (Big Beach) and Prainha (Small Beach), where diving and beach fishing are practiced. Several trails lead to peaks and mountains such as an extinct volcano, nowadays known as Morro de São João (Mount Saint John), 800 m high.

City Specifications:

Area: 461 km2 (IBGE - 2010)
Population: 35,373 inhabitants (IBGE - 2010)
Distance from the capital: 128 km (DER-RJ - 2006)
Duration of journey: approximately 2 hours
Area Code: 22
Altitude: 17 m
Climate: tropical marine
Average annual temperature: 23º C

Tourist Information:

Secretaria Municipal de Turismo e Eventos (City Department of Tourism and Events)
Websites: www.casimirodeabreu.rj.gov.br/pontosturisticos.html | www.casimirodeabreu.rj.gov.br
Address: Av. Marcílio Dias, 833
District: Barra de São João - CEP: 28880-000
Phone: (+ 55 22) 2774 5550 / 2774 5434

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