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Welcome to the State of Rio de Janeiro
TurisRio, the State of Rio de Janeiro Tourism Authority, linked to the Tourism State Secretariat, invites you to enjoy the charm of our wonderful cities. Nowhere in the world, you will find such fascinating places - so diverse and so close to each other.


The city offers an abundance of natural resources with unique beauty on its nine ocean beaches: Recanto de Itaipuaçu (Itaipuaçu Nook), Itaipuaçu, Francês, Zacarias, Barra, Guaratiba, Ponta Negra (Black End) - with its historical Farol da Sacristia (Sacristy Lighthouse) and Jaconé and several lake beaches, such as: Araçatiba, Boqueirão, Jacaroá, Gamboa, das Amendoeiras (Tropical Almond Tree), Saco da Lama (Mud Small Inlet), Ponta da Preguiça (Laziness End) and Guaratiba. In addition to the beaches, one of the main attractions of tourism in Maricá, it is essential to highlight other natural and cultural heritages that fill the eyes of any person visiting the city.

Pedra do Elefante (Elephant’s Stone), at Parque Estadual da Serra da Tiririca (Serra da Tiririca State Park), is also worth a visit. With its 412 m of height it provides its visitors with a stunning panoramic view of all of Maricá.

Come fall in love with Maricá, a paradise waiting for you.

City Specifications:

Area: 363 km2 (IBGE - 2010)

Population: 127,519 inhabitants (IBGE - 2010)
Distance from the capital: 58 Km (DER-RJ - 2006)
Duration of journey: approximately 1 hour
Area Code: 21
Altitude: 5 m
Climate: tropical marine
Average annual temperature: 23º C

Tourist Information:

Secretaria Municipal de Turismo e Lazer (City Department of Tourism and Leisure)
Website: www.marica.rj.gov.br
Address: Praça Conselheiro Macedo Soares, s/n°
District: Centro - CEP: 24900-000 - Phone: (+ 55 21) 3731 5094

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