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Rio das Ostras

Nature was generous to Rio das Ostras and its 15 beaches that fascinate for their preservation and infrastructure. The visitor can find calm waters ideal for bathing and the sun shines at least 300 days a year.

You can also enjoy bars, restaurants and kiosks with the best of regional food. Attractions such as Praça da Baleia (Whale Square), Parque dos Pássaros (Birds Park, the largest bird vivarium in Latin America), Festival de Jazz e Blues (Jazz and Blues Festival) and the Monumento Natural dos Costões Rochosos (Natural Monument of Rocky Desert Coasts) cannot be left unvisited. New and beautiful landscapes incorporated into the natural scenery due to landscaping and urbanization works in the beaches of Praia de Costazul (Blue Coast Beach), Praia do Centro (Center Beach), Praia do Cemitério (Cemetery Beach) and Praia da Tartaruga (Turtle Beach) are an invitation for a walk.

Fascinating nature. Welcoming city. To discover Rio das Ostras is to enjoy one of the most beautiful and complete touristic itineraries of the state.

City Specifications:

Area: 229 km2 (IBGE - 2010)
Population: 105,757 inhabitants (IBGE - 2010)
Distance from the capital: 161 Km (DER-RJ - 2006)
Duration of journey: approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes
Area Code: 22
Altitude: 4 m
Climate: tropical marine
Average annual temperature: 23º C

Tourist Information:

Secretaria de Turismo
Website: www.riodasostras.rj.gov.br
Address: Praça Claudio Ribeiro, s/n°
District: Extensão do Bosque - CEP: 28890-000
Phone: (+ 55 22) 2771 6425 / 2771 6430

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