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Welcome to the State of Rio de Janeiro
TurisRio, the State of Rio de Janeiro Tourism Authority, linked to the Tourism State Secretariat, invites you to enjoy the charm of our wonderful cities. Nowhere in the world, you will find such fascinating places - so diverse and so close to each other.

  • Resende
  • Regi„o de Visconde de MauŠ
  • Itatiaia
  • Penedo Ė Bairro de Itatiaia
  • Quatis
  • Porto Real

Agulhas Negras

Comprised of the cities of Resende, Itatiaia, Quatis and Porto Real, the Agulhas Negras region combines lush vegetation, waterfalls and idyllic corners with an important set of rock formations.

A natural highlight of the region, the Pico das Agulhas Negras is the culmination of the State of Rio de Janeiro, with an altitude of 2,791 meters. Located in the heart of Itatiaia National Park, the set of mountains combine a circuit highly sought by mountaineers and supporters of ecotourism.

For anyone who seeks rest and good food, Penedo is the best option. The small city, colonized by the Finnish, maintains its heritage of cooking and dancing, a difference in the region.

Another location that deserves to be highlighted is Visconde de MauŠ. Famous for having been a retreat for hippies in the 80ís and 90ís, it is a true paradise for anyone who likes waterfalls and hiking.

The Agulhas Negras Region has much to offer. Itís worth discovering!

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