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TurisRio, the State of Rio de Janeiro Tourism Authority, linked to the Tourism State Secretariat, invites you to enjoy the charm of our wonderful cities. Nowhere in the world, you will find such fascinating places - so diverse and so close to each other.

Rio de Janeiro

The capital of the state as of 1975, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the Colony, the Empire and Brazil for almost 200 years, a scepter that it lost in 1960 with the inauguration of Brasília. Internationally recognized for its natural beauties, some of its tourist attractions, like the Corcovado, Pão de Açúcar and Copacabana Beach, are identified abroad as the image of the country. Sea, mountain and forests favor the practice of ecotourism and sports. Its religious architecture is also very rich, revealed in the beautiful churches of the 17th and 18th centuries. True relics remain from the colonial architecture, like the Paço Imperial (Imperial Palace), the first official residency of the Portuguese Royal Family.

There is no greater cliché than to call Rio de Janeiro the Marvelous City, invoking the Carnival parade composed in 1935 and transformed into the national anthem during the 60’s. A cliché indeed, but irresistible. Rio de Janeiro is not known as the marvelous city by coincidence. In which other place in Brazil, or even in the RIO DE JANEIRO (Pão de Açúcar / Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado (“Hunchback”) seen from Niterói - Photo: Miriam Cutz 13 world, can a tourist find a mixture so irresistible with natural wonders, cultural richness and hospitality? Whatever your favorite activity may be – visiting tourist attractions, going to deserted beaches, savoring good dishes, enjoying the nightlife or appreciating architectural beauty - the city has plenty of options. And it even offers, as the main attraction, the kindness and friendliness of the Carioca people (natives of Rio de Janeiro). For this reason, enjoy a weekend, a holiday, your dream vacation, the greatest New Year’s in the world or Carnival to make your visit. Definitely, this will be the first of many.

City Specifications:

Area: 1,200 km2 (IBGE - 2010)
Population: 6,323,037 inhabitants (IBGE - 2010)
Area Code: 21
Altitude: 2 m
Climate: tropical marine
Average annual temperature: 23º C

Tourist Information:

Riotur – Rio de Janeiro City Tourism Company
Website: www.rioguiaoficial.com.br
Address: Praça Pio X, 119
District: Centro – CEP: 20040-020 - Phone: (+ 55 21) 2271 7000

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