Wonderful Cities
Welcome to the State of Rio de Janeiro
TurisRio, the State of Rio de Janeiro Tourism Authority, linked to the Tourism State Secretariat, invites you to enjoy the charm of our wonderful cities. Nowhere in the world, you will find such fascinating places - so diverse and so close to each other.

  • Armação dos Búzios
  • Cabo Frio
  • Arraial do Cabo
  • Maricá
  • Rio das Ostras
  • Macaé
  • Saquarema
  • Araruama
  • Iguaba Grande
  • Casimiro de Abreu
  • São Pedro da Aldeia
  • Quissamã
  • Carapebus

Costa do Sol

Hundreds of stunning beaches and lagoons justify the name Costa do Sol. The perfect itinerary for anyone who likes sun, sea, wind and water sports, you can find in the following cities: Armação dos Búzios, Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo, Maricá, Rio das Ostras, Macaé, Saquarema, Araruama, Iguaba Grande, Casimiro de Abreu, São Pedro da Aldeia, Quissamã and Carapebus.

Its clear waters have given Arraial do Cabo the title of Diving Capital. The region combines the best of: quality hotels and guest houses, international standard restaurants and intense nightlife, like the famous Rua das Pedras (Street of Stones) in the center of Búzios. To complete this scenario of strong, natural beauties and churches built during the colonial period, like the Forte de São Mateus (Saint Mathew Fort), in Cabo Frio, they preserve the cultural scenario of the region.

Lovers of ecotourism also find their space on the Costa do Sol. There are several options in places not yet highly explored, like the city of Casimiro de Abreu, where river rafting in crystal clear waters take place, increasingly sought by lovers of the sport. There is space for all groups on the Costa do Sol. Choose yours and enjoy!

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